Adam Douglas

For over a decade, Adam Douglas has been an fixture among the Abraxians. His first cult committed suicide while he was serving a short prison sentence in Switzerland. His second cult was quietly taken apart by the U.S. government in a successful bid to eliminate a dangerous religious group without the publicity of the Branch Davidians.

After that, Adam Douglas was a man adrift in a sea of mainstream religion. He searched his own heart and prayed to God for guidance. God answered. Adam drove 14 hours in a religious trance, got out of his stolen car and knocked on the door of the Abraxian Project. He was welcomed into the arms of the Shitheel Christ. He told his story and the Shitheel Christ agreed he had called his child to his new home and he baptisted his new child in his sacred fluids.

Since that day, Adam Douglas has served his Christ with solemn loyalty. It has been noted that Douglas is openly compassionate to outsiders, a trait nearly unknown among the Abraxians. This stands in stark contrast to the actions he takes on behalf of the Project. He looked ashamed as he made death threats to local judges, he actually said he was sorry when he cut the toes off Ethan Essex and he wept openly when he set fire to the home for abused mothers. Other Abraxians find this disturbing, but the Shitheel Christ has declared his compassion a "fitting cross to bear in this wicked world".

Unknown to his cult, Adam Douglas electronically sends an encoded report every Tuesday night to his true masters, the U.S. government. Adam Douglas is the false name attached to a false history attached to a CIA agent. In early 2001, he was joined with the Abraxians claiming the messiah had spoken to him in prayer. The Abraxians accepted his story whole-heartedly and without research (which was a bit of a disappointment considering how much effort was spent constructing a solid background).

The man called Adam Douglas made a great deal of progress early. He was accepted and trusted. He had the ear of their charismatic leader. He had even ingratiated himself to their high priest. The amount of information he produced was impressive and he received supportive encoded responses. He assumed he would be extracted within the year. After all, the Abraxian Project committed shocking crimes regularly.

September 11th, 2001 shocked every American, but the C.I.A. was thrown into a frenzy. In the frenzy, some people were hired, some were moved and some were forgotten. Douglas' handler was moved up and a fresh trainee was moved into the case as well as six times the workload once held by one man. That trainee was replaced by another and another and 16 others after him and Adam Douglas, undercover cultist, was lost in the shuffle. Since that day, Douglas' missives have been received, filed without being read and sent a response meaning, "received you message, no new orders" or as sent, "CONTINUE".

Adam Douglas knows something is wrong. He knows he should break cover, but he's scared and what's more, the Christ has started to make sense to him. He heard the crazy man claimed he would bring back the dead, but then he saw the dead brought back. He shook his head when they spoke of the infernal afterlife, but now he has pictures. The mystical world of the Shitheel Christ has piled up a great deal of evidence and Douglas no longer knows who's side he's on. The day some handler has the time to audit all those reports will be an interesting day indeed.

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