Alternative Chargen

Here is provided an alternative, slightly more complicated character generation. With this, a new character starts with rating 2 (Typical) in all qualities and gets no specialties, merits or flaws without buying them.

A character starts with 35 experience points to spend how they choose. Should a character buy a quality down to poor (1) They gain 2 additional experience to spend. More or less experience points may be allowed by you GM depending on the campaign.

Characteristic Experience Cost From Rating 2
Quality x1 - +2
Quality x3 3 3
Quality x4 4 7
Quality x5 5 12
Merit 3 -
Flaw 3 -
Specialty 1 -

Steps one, two, three and six of character generation remain identical.

Basic Character Generation
STEP ONE: Character Concept
STEP TWO: Motivation
STEP FOUR: Qualities
STEP FIVE: Specialties
STEP SIX: Superstitions
STEP SEVEN: Merits & Flaws

Alternative Character Generation System
Qualities & Specialties List
Merits list
Flaws list

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