To attack another being, one rolls the quality associated with the form of attack they use. Aim for firearms and other projectiles, Brawn (Melee) for any hand-held weapons and Brawn (Brawl) for unarmed combat. More successes means a more powerful or well-placed attack and causes more damage as result.

Avoiding Attacks
In response to an attack, an aware and able target can dodge. A dodge must be declared before the attack is rolled, though they need not have a superior initiative score to their attacker.

The Defensive I & II merits reduces an attacker’s dice pool so long as the target is aware of the attack.

If a character is surprised (through failed Perception for example) They may not act, including dodge. In addition, anyone attacking a surprised target receives +1 to their dice pool.

See combat complications for situations that affect attack dice pools.

Elements of Combat
Basic Complications
Melee Complications
Firearms Complications
Moderate Injuries
Moderate Injuries Table
Severe Injuries
Severe Injuries Table

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