Babydoll Detta

Every form of fame has its own form of groupies. There are women who sent marriage proposals to Ted Bundy when he was on death row, for god's sake. In the crasher community, where there's no shortage of broken guys with a chip on their shoulder and a few missing teeth and/or fingers and an interesting story or two to tell about gut-shooting a sodomy-demon over a few rounds of early-death-from-alcoholism-fuel, the very few groupies tend to be self-destructive attention-whores with deep-seated psychological problems resulting from violently broken homes.

The rates of disease, kleptomania, depression, anorexia/bulimia and drug abuse are through the roof.

The cutest one of those shrieking, manic-depressive, borderline-suicidal drama-queens is probably Babydoll Detta. Also, she's the kinkiest. At least, that's what she's famous for. That and breaking up more crews than some well-known Nether Domains and their attendant horrors.

Babydoll Detta has got a thing for neurotic obsessives with something to prove. Mostly, she likes breaking their hearts. And having them fight over her.

After fucking her way through most of the Sacramento-area Trekker community while still in Jr. High and then falling in (and subsequently out) with darker and darker crowds of swingers, amateur Satanists, emo-punks, addicts, cutters, erotic-asphyxiation-enthusiast anime fans, furries, wanna-be porn-stars, diaper-fetishist pedophiles, zoo-fans and worse over the next decade, Detta finally stumbled upon the secrets of the crasher community.

If there's one group ripe for bursting into unrestrained violence and hateful recriminations, with all eyes on the Babydoll, after only a single sweaty night in a hotel or even a quick hand-job in a truck-stop bathroom, it's crashers. She's been known to string guys along for years, disappearing off the radar only to send a few scantily-clad pictures to a cellphone just when it can do the most damage.

She's poison, and she knows it, and she loves it. Smart guys avoid Detta like the plague … but smart guys don't go running into Hell for kicks and spending cash, either.

And seriously, man. Look at those legs!

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