Ball-Hitch Mitch (and the Ambassador)

Ball-Hitch Mitch is an ornery son of a bitch by his own reckoning. Sure he used to crash in the way back, but got out while he was young and still had all his limbs. He came into possession a very powerful artifact named the Ambassador and never looked downward again. The Ambassador is considered the most powerful publicly-known Fell artifact and it made Mitch some solid cash for years. Unfortunately, a shoot-out with the police put him behind bars in 1989. He has recently gotten back out and to everyone's relief, he still has the Ambassador.

The artifact in question appears to be a small, aluminum trailer with a logo reading Ambassador in fancy, shiny lettering. The interior is plush and luxurious, if long outdated and covered in yellowing plastic.

The trailer becomes something of an extension of Hell so long as it is travelling over 77 mph. Should one place a gift in the Xenium-brand stove and call the title or name of a demon while the trailer is moving this fast, a demon will emerge from its tiny bathroom door. No special abilities are required, but powerful demons are not likely to arrive themselves without very specific gifts.

Unlike demon summoners, anyone in the trailer will be facing a physical creature of power. Demons tend to arrive in the most genial mood to which they are capable and will often engage in long discussions even when it becomes apparent they do not have any plans to accept the proposition. Mitch believes they love Topside so much they are willing to engage in long useless discussions just to gaze out the window of a moving trailer. This does not mean that terrible things do not occur. The plastic coverings have stuck around so long for a reason.

Mitch also believes that pastoral scenes lend themselves to better negotiations, though they more often lead to accidents, police stops and tickets. Mitch does not allow any weapons in his trailer, not only to emphasize the diplomatic nature of the Ambassador, but also because he is a convicted felon on a long probation. Should the trailer drop below 77 mph, the demon will recede instantly back into the bathroom where they will not emerge. The Ambassador can only open to an infernal guest once every 19 days.

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