Bitch Anderson

Bitch isn't a Crasher, he's an accountant. A fucking lame beancounter with no balls, no girlfriend, and no life. He probably goes home and jacks off into his pocket protector to pictures of Donald Trump or some shit every night. But he is good with money. I heard that Dimebag's team went to him after their big money crash into narosec and he set them up for life. Toaster Roy is still in Jamaica having beautiful women lick his toes everyday, I know cause that fuck sends me pictures of it every Christmas.

Bitch Anderson, or Tommy (only his mother calls him) used to be a CPA then became CFA and was working towards CFO of Seimens but a gambling problem and ugly divorce left Bitch with a 3 year stint in Joliet county and no hope of getting back into a fortune 500 again. His time in lockup did get him some contacts into the crasher community though and ever since he's worked the circuit. He's a money launderer, a finacial advisor, a broker, anything you need to get done with cash that would be problematic, Bitch can figure out a way. He considers Crashers as lunatics with deathwishs but secretly enjoys the feeling of working for a 'dangerous' group.

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