Bubba St. Germain

Bubba St. Germain is a high priest of the Abraxian Project and one of the original cult crashers that found Shitheel Christ in the first place. Bubba still crashes and still faithfully practices his religion with a vigor rarely seen in a man his age. He claims its his 22 wives, 40 children and 4 grandchildren that keep him young, but everyone knows its crashing.

Bubba seems to like Damnation Land. To be more accurate, he's good there. He has an intuitive understanding of the physics and ecologies of the place. Sure he's gotten lost, severed a couple of fingers and lost an eye, but he has been down there quite a bit. If Bubba has been in Topside for less than a week, he is gregarious, laughing and joyous to be around. If its been more than a week, he becomes distracted and solemn. After a month Topside, Bubba St. Germain is a demagogic, ranting pig-fucker of a preacher.

Of the original 11 man crasher team that Bubba rescued, only Shitheel Christ, Bubba St. Germain and Hobnail Jenkins survive. After Jenkins' apostasy, Bubba revoked his status as Sacred Matter and a Mind With Rights. In short, while the Abraxian Project is no longer actively seeking Hobnail's death (a decree of Shitheel himself), they have no moral qualms with his murder or torture.

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