Type: Boutique

Entrance: Phlex. A three foot square, treaded steel hatch in a docking alley of the Esplanade Mall in Tulsa, OK. Phlex leads directly into a complex of wet, steaming sewage corridors. Luckily, they were mapped by a young crasher named Coffin in 1983. Shortly thereafter, Coffin was the only member of his team to escape Bulgone alive. He claims he will never return to Bulgone for any price. He will sell a copy of his map for $1000 cash. Since no teams have successfully returned from Bulgone since Coffin's team, it is unknown if his maps are accurate. Dead Cold, a hole in the freezer of Largo Keys Tikibar & Grilbar, is active, but has been locked out from the Bulgone side since the 80s.

Transit Access: Absear Train Station, the Howling Corridor and Route 616 each reach Bulgone, but Route 616 has never been used successfully to exit Bulgone.

Citizens: Bulgone is entirely populated by those that knowingly infected others with contagious diseases. All natural residents of Bulgone (lost souls, not crashers) quickly heal from any wound that is not caused by disease or disease-related infections. No physical injury will do any more harm than great pain. The residents here do need to sleep and eat or they will suffer the discomfort associated with foregoing such things.

Shackles: Disease. Every disease that has plagued mankind throughout its existence and many more that never have afflicted those Topside. Exotic and repugnant sickness lurks in every corner and crevice of Bulgone. Cleanliness is next to godliness and God is simply impossible within Bulgone streets and apartments.

Screws: The Sawbones. Sawbones are crooked thin man-things near seven feet tall if they stood upright. They wear physicians gowns caked with effluvium and dried spatterings. They wear surgical masks, covering their distended lower faces. Above their too-wide, tiny back eyes they wear a large reflector that catches light in nearly any environment. Seeing the drifting reflector dots in the distance clear a Bulgone street in seconds.

Around the waist, a sawbones wears several metal instruments designed to carve and crack meat and bone. In place of a left hand, each sawbones has a contraption that among the brass hinges and steel scalpels are several large-bore hypodermic needles.

The Place: Bulgone appears a modern-era, rotting ghetto of indeterminate nationality under quarantine. Its empty lots are overgrown with nettles and stagnant puddles teeming with malevolent life. Its gutters drip filth. Scabrous rats, dogs, cats and plague worms shutter and drag contagious malady with them. People on the streets cough blood into mucus-caked rags or side-step those begging for food scraps, trying to cover where half their face has sloughed off. Food is rotten and wriggling with worms. Every roof leaks, every wall is coated in mold and everyone gets infected…eventually.

Usually, if you are lucky, it starts with a cold or the flu. Some diarrhea, some vomiting and a fever, nothing much to worry about. Some can go for a month uninfected by anything severe if they are careful, some even longer. But once you pick up something in Bulgone, the only way to be rid of it is to see it through until the sickness runs its course. Once you are completely incapable of taking care of yourself, the sawbones move in. They move you back to an apartment and treat you, dragging out the end for far longer than modern medical science might allow. Just because anthrax has rotted your innards and turned you into a giant worm doesn't mean you'll miss out on even a moment.

Once an illness has "run its course" the sawbones leave and allow you to you to recuperate until hunger drives you to rejoin Bulgone society as a healthy slab of prime viral and bacterial real estate. While pain and suffering are key themes for those in Bulgone, the primary emotion is fear. Everyone is paranoid and careful to avoid known vectors. The people here are mean and self-centered, wary of any contact. Despite that, venereal disease is common. Even the temporary peace of a momentary physical relationship is worth the possible infection (its not like you can buy condoms in the drugstores here).

Landmarks: The Playground, The Quarantine, The Unmerciful Parade

Screws of Bulgone
Brawn 4, Education 4 (First Aid), Presence, Reflex 3, Resolve 6, Technology 3, Doctor
Weapons: Infective Needles and Scalpels x3
Bruised 14, Battered 21, Dying 25
Sawbones, like all denizens of Bulgone (but not visiting crashers) heal 3 Damage per round and cannot actually be killed within Bulgone.

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