Callus Detier Drogovich

No man is more feared among crashers, but Drogovich is no crasher. No one can find evidence or witness to him ever crashing….but he’s been down there. According to records, he died in 1928. The rumor is he talked his way out of the Underworld. The ramifications alone are staggering to crashers.

He has had his sister extracted from Narosec and now does nothing to hide his incestuous relationship with her. Drogovich has a plan. Whatever it was, it meant he spent many years in Florida, then Missouri, now here. He is as powerful as a Cheney gets: knowledgeable, rich, ambitious and utterly devoid of moral limitations. He controls hundreds of doors and guards their use.

Callus is near eight foot tall, broad of shoulder and usually meticulously dressed. He never reacts out of anger or frustration, but can react as if driven to rage if it suits his purpose. He is given to apathy and only finds real passion in the interests of his sister and his ambition for power.

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