Character Concept

STEP ONE: Character Concept
Come up with a character concept. This is the character you’ll be playing, try to make them interesting enough that you’ll want to stay with them through their probably short hellcrashing career.

Ingnatius Krup grew up a stuttering, meek child on some pretty dangerous streets.  He joined a gang at the age of 13 where he was tolerated, but was unable to distinguish himself.  That is, until he started lifting cars.  Behind the wheel and in control of enough horsepower, he was a demon and a hero. 

He stumbled on his first door at the height of a high-speed chase and, simultaneously became a bit of a celebrity among the hellbent as very first person known to have driven a car into Hell itself…and back out again.

Basic Character Generation
STEP ONE: Character Concept
STEP TWO: Motivation
STEP FOUR: Qualities
STEP FIVE: Specialties
STEP SIX: Superstitions
STEP SEVEN:Merits & Flaws

Alternative Character Generation System
Qualities & Specialties List
Merits list
Flaws list

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