Claire's Other Boyfriend

There are some people who don't mind dealing with Knox "Clair's Other Boyfriend" Malone. These people universally have have one or more of the following qualities: the patience of a saint, a thick skin about his constant put-downs and fat-jokes, an open mind regarding the constant rumors about him abandoning his entire team to their fates in the Silent City, or desperate need of 'Crashing supplies, fast.

Having adopted his nickname from a juvenile habit of answering the phone as Clair's Other Boyfriend, the man known as Knox Malone is a smug, pretty-boy retired 'Crasher with eerily-adept access to various forms of borderline-illegal hardware used in smash-&-grab 'Crashes; while he can't be counted on to score a machine pistol or even a shotgun on short notice, he has produced a decommissioned Soviet-era cosmonaut suit on demand and can get most manner of fire-axes, bolt-cutters, rifles, ammunition, rope, black bags and duct-tape with only a single call. His prices for knives and handcuffs and even stainless-steel mag-lights are somewhat steep, but he doesn't check IDs or question a few crumpled, blood-stained bills - and that's a plus for a lot of 'Crashers. Other than his infrequent sales out of an apartment stocked with gym equipment and a plasma-screen TV, Knox is occasionally called upon as a wheel-man for teams that need to hit a Cherry in an irritating place where a car might get towed or stolen.

Rumors circulate that Claire's Other Boyfriend is an ex-kickboxer and/or an ex-heroin addict; if true, he got out of both scenes before either one messed up his looks. The same, of course, could be said about 'Crashing.

And yes, the rumors are probably true about that betrayal in the Silent City. Story goes that most of his gear is the left-over stash of his old crew. People who bring that up get on Knox's bad side. Other ways to do that are suggesting that he might be gay, questioning his real knowledge about the Nether, or asking about his family.

The up-shot to dealing with Knox is that it only takes a few compliments and a few beers to get on his good side. A team with an attractive female willing to stroke his ego a bit or a few bucks to take him out to the bar to let him laugh at 'retards' and talk about 'fucking all these skanks' for a few hours will have a friend for life. The problem for most teams is that his fragile ego forces him to constantly pick at the flaws and insecurities of those around him; Brandish Spex in particular has stated on more than one occasion that he will kill Knox the next time they cross paths.

Knox, himself, calls Brandish a fag. His favorite target of scorn and ridicule, however, is Chet Awesome.

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