Combat can be an exciting adventure blah, blah, blah.  Here is how you get a shank of steel between your ribs.

Combat Rounds
Time in Hellcrashers combat is measured in rounds that are about 6 seconds long. While you can throw lots of punches in that time, you can usually only make one unarmed "attack" in that time. This is some deliberate abstraction for the sake of organizing combat into something easy to follow, which real combat isn't.
Specialties in Combat
Several specialties are used to calculate formulas specific to combat. For instance, Resolve (Pain Tolerance) is used when calculating the amount of damage at which a character is Bruised (Resolve x2) +2. So a character with Resolve 3 and a specialty Pain Tolerance would be Bruised at 10 damage, Since its Resolve is effectively one higher within that specialty. When this occurs, the Specialty related to the formula will be listed separately from the formula to avoid confusion.

Elements of Combat
Basic Complications
Melee Complications
Firearms Complications
Moderate Injuries
Moderate Injuries Table
Severe Injuries
Severe Injuries Table

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