Crasher Jargon

Baby-raper: A derogatory term for a damned soul.
Boutique: A domain that houses lost that have all committed a similar sin.
Cheney: An old, wealthy client.
Cherry: An entrance to Hell.
Citizen: The native lost of a domain.
Demon: A creature of great power and seeming self-determination. Demons do not appear to have responsibilities to a domain, but exert authority over one.
Domain: A distinct underworld characterized by its own screws, shackles and even physics.
Drift: An extremely small domain that travels within other domains. Drifts are rare and usually unpredictable, but they can be used with caution to travel between domains.
Ghost Pussy: A rumored but undiscovered cherry.
Hachetman: Men and women with personal demonic pacts. Unlike summoners, Hachetmen usually have met their demon in the flesh and have negotiated to serve the demon in return for specific gifts.
Kit: A superstitious crasher's collection of lucky charms is his "kit"
Lost: A polite euphemism for a damned soul.
Mint: An unclaimed cherry.
Östermann Account:A job so risky that it can't be done or a payoff off so big that it can't be believed.
Pink: A living person
Smithers: A loyal right hand assistant to a Cheney. Some smithers skills are bureaucratic in nature, while others are investigators or men of violence. Crashers generally interact with smithers more often than Cheneys.
Summoner: A person capable of entering a hypnotic state that can supposedly contact and negotiate with demons. Their contacts are usually made within strict ritual confines. There is no evidence that a summoner has actually communicated with a specific demon or anything at all. One only has the word of the summoner, which is why a summoner's reputation is their most vital resource.
Topside: Our world, the world of the living
Transit: A domain with an infrastructure deliberately connecting it to other domains as opposed to cherries which most domains have.
Underlaws: The physics or metaphysics of a domain.
Warehouse: A domain with no apparent requirements for its citizens.
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