DEEPWATER (always written in full caps) is an urban legend among hellcrashers. DEEPWATER (sometimes referred to as “The DEEPWATER Insertion”, “DEEPWATER TWO”, or “The DEEPWATER Incident”) is to Hellcrashers what Roswell and the Philadelphia Experiment are to UFO conspiracy buffs. About a third of Hellcrashers dismiss all talk of DEEPWATER as complete bullshit, another third believe the story wholeheartedly, and the rest think that something just might have gone down on the abandoned pig farm in the Utah desert code-named DEEPWATER TWO on Friday, September 7th, 1979, but they have doubts about the scale of the incident, and it’s true intentions.

Ghost Whisper

The story is that at some point in the early 1970's, the United States military learned about hellcrashing. Not from their fellow Americans, nor from Nazi or Soviet documents, but rather through interrogations of captured Viet Cong from superstitious rural areas of Vietnam. When several different interrogators began noticing the same weird stories popping up again and again, from different enemies with no previous contact, they slowly figured out that something was up. At this stage, they weren’t buying the crazy stories of gates to Hell and horrifying spirits and monsters, but they thought they might be hearing coded descriptions of some kind of very deep tunnel complex, or perhaps the after effects of some powerful psychoactive drug or a radical new psychological warfare technique that inspired terror. The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) code named this mysterious X-factor GHOST WHISPER, and a team of six elite Army Ranger “Tunnel Rats” was quickly assembled, outfitted with gas masks (their superiors were operating under the assumption that the VC prisoners had wandered into a deep tunnel filled with an unknown hallucinogenic gas), and sent into a location that the captured VC had regarded with a special horror: The winding tunnels under an abandoned French rubber processing plant near the Cambodian border, a location DIA overseers had dubbed BAD YELLOW.

Bad Yellow

The first six men sent into BAD YELLOW were never seen again. Another attempt was made three weeks later, this time with military convicts. One man returned, covered in radiation burns and clutching and in his hand a three-inch long statuette of a crucified dog, seemingly carved from bone, an artifact the DIA would code-named YELLOW TOY ONE. The lone survivor succumbed to third-degree burns within a few hours. Likewise, YELLOW TOY ONE crumbled to ash approximately six days later, but not before baffling military scientists back in America with it’s strange properties: Despite it’s small size, YELLOW TOY ONE weighted 14 pounds and felt as dense to the touch as lead, if not denser. Despite it’s weight, it floated in water. It was strongly radioactive, and several researchers refused to handle it, and claimed they found it “sickening” or “deeply repulsive” for reasons they could not quite explain. The Vietnam War would end before another expedition could be mounted into BAD YELLOW, and the military leveled the entire site with a massive air strike before abandoning it. BAD YELLOW was gone, but enough photographs, Geiger counter readings, soil samples, and weird electromagnetic reading remained to convince the brass that they has stumbled on to something. The ruins of an unknown ancient civilization? An extra-dimensional back-door that could drop troops or bombs straight into the heart of the Soviet Union? One thing was for certain: That Bad Yellow was just the beginning.


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