Dink Fandler

Dink Fandler is in residence at Butcher Hollow Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Kentucky. He can be visited by a modest bribe to a certain orderly on the graveyard shift or taken from the premises entirely for a non-moderate bribe. Dink is a demon summoner and very reliable, but he is insane. Not the sort of insane like a crasher that barely gets by in society, but the actual Cannot Function With Other People And I Kill People That Look Like Whores kinda insane. Dink would have became a serial killer, but he made no effort to hide his "orchestration of blood". By definition, I think he's a spree killer.

Dink mostly enjoys G rated comedies or cartoons, greasy food and fucking a corpse. If he can get all of that in one night, he might roll around in mud, shit and ash, drink a pint of his "client's" blood and summon a demon for them before he is returned to the hospital at dawn. If he didn't enjoy himself, he will try to kill someone or everyone. Note: Ariel from the Little Mermaid is a whore, apparently.

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