Dough Boy Roy

Dough Boy Roy is a scientist. His reputation among other scientists is shit because he has gotten reckless. He has presented papers on various aspects of the Down Under without realizing under what circumstances they cease to function. Whatever causes something infernal to work is gone by the time Roy sends it off for peer review. He has been labeled a "crank" by the scientific community and is unlikely to ever be taken seriously again…without proof.

Dough Boy Roy is glad to analyze soil samples and bodily fluids for cheap. He has a pretty good lab in his garage. He also can secure other scientific equipment and train crashers in their use, such as Geiger counters, accelerometers, bacterial swab kits. A requisite of his analysis is careful details of where the sample was taken and under what circumstances.

He is also in possession of The Girl From Singapore whom he is currently attempting to legally marry and secure her American citizenship. The paperwork has been a nightmare, but she is now a full member of the Methodist church Roy attends weekly. Dough Boy Roy is socially awkward and hygienically dubious at his best, but in the presence of his finance he becomes fiercely protective and takes on the role of alpha male to impress her. Her work is currently his primary source of income.

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