El B.J.

El B.J. has been a freelance smithers and bodyguard for a couple years. Three years ago, he cut open a man he caught following his employer to find his lungs full of long, crimson worms that sang like tortured wind chimes and caused vivid hallucinations when touched or later, smoked.

Six months ago, he cut the head off a woman (no one seems to know why) that continued to fight him for four and a half minutes after the decapitation. With two confirmed hachetmen under his belt, El B.J. has become a prized henchman. Most use him more as a status symbol than for any actual fear of hachetmen, but if someone with cash thinks a hachetman is after them, you can be sure their first call will be to El B.J.

B.J. is a quiet, man with an explosive capacity for violence. He understands English well enough, but speaks it clumsily and with a terrible accent. He favors cowboy hats, knives and demon-worm laced cigarillos. B.J.'s moniker comes from his weakness for prostitutes as well as his reluctance to spent more than five dollars for his daily patronage.

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