Empty Fallon

It takes a special someone to have a reputation among crashers, but Empty Fallon has a reputation among demons. I wouldn't say they are scared of him - more concerned. Screws and demons seem unable to see Fallon. I mean to say: he is invisible to demons. "Empty" is their name for him. In addition, his presence just seems to sap the will of those around him. Even a rock-hard bastard is just a little less hard when Fallon's around.

Empty himself is hard to get a fix on. He knows a little too much, but says a little too little. No one can ever really tell if he's smiling or grimacing. He was just a normal crasher back in the early 80s and quit after 15 months or so. Then he comes back decades later, advertising his magic ability. Everyone called bullshit on him, but he showed them.

The truth is Empty is hatchetman for the goddamn Sultan of Whispers himself. The Sultan doesn't need anyone topside dead or punished or brought back, he is concerned with the power struggles of his own kind. Empty crashes while secretly acting on behalf of the Sultan. Many of these tasks are simple spying, but sometimes he'll deliver a message or steal something. Whatever small victories other crashers claim in this shitty business, Empty Fallon knows more about the politics of Damnation than any human that has ever lived.

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