Experience (xp) is a way of improving a PC over time. Experience is awarded by the GM at the end of each game session. Each player can expect to earn 1-3 xp per game session.

  • A PC earns 1 xp each session for showing up and participating.
  • An additional xp award of 1 xp is recommended for difficult or especially climactic games or as and award for exceptional role-playing.
  • If a flaw significantly hindered a PC during a game session, they are entitled to a further 1xp.

Experience may be spent to raise Qualities, buy Specialties, Merits and Flaws. A Quality may only be raised by one for each game session and a GM may restrict an experience buy if it improvement seems implausible. The chart below presents the xp costs to purchase and a given level of Quality. Note: A Weakness is very hard to overcome. To buy level 2 in a Quality (to buy off a Weakness) costs 4 xp.

Characteristic Experience Cost
Quality x1 -
Quality x2 4
Quality x3 3
Quality x4 4
Quality x5 5
Merit 3
Flaw 3
Specialty 1

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