Filthy Walter

A powerful man like Lord Walter Bayhabier the Third does not invite easy scorn from those with whom he deals; a man of exceptional wealth and taste, known to pay promptly and to deal fairly with the 'Crashers in his employ, there's just something about Filthy Walter (AKA Dirty Walt, AKA Sickfuck Wally) that makes 'Crashers want to call him ugly and demeaning names. Maybe it's the enthusiasm for pedo-bestiality or the forced-piss-drinking fetish or his delight in non-consensual anal sex with underage Eastern European slaves. Probably, it's his interest in bringing up these topics during meetings. Then again, a lot of 'Crashers hate the condescending old fuck because he's so topically interested in the Nether and yet wouldn't dare DREAM of setting foot down there.

Also, he uses the h-word a lot.

Or, of course, it could be his eight separate known contingency plans for his immediate escape from the Wheel of Punishment in the event of his death & the standing million-dollar bounty for whoever brings him back. Rumor has is that the bastard actually died in the 1800s and has has pulled off three different escapes, but that's considered something of an urban legend. On the other hand, it IS true that he keeps a dozen or more ex-CIA black-ops snipers on his staff at various chateaus and retreats around the world.

The embodiment of everything detached, cynical and decadent about the living world, Filthy Walter's mere presence makes most people's skin crawl. Well, that and his collection of trophies from Down Below, one of which is the horned skull of a small child that constantly spits out what knowledgeable 'Crashers say might be stock prices.

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