No hellcrasher survives long without both skill and caution, but no hellcrasher survives at all without luck. 

Fortune can be spent to help a crasher by adding three dice (before rolling) or by allowing a character to re-roll any dice pool. Only one fortune point may be spent in a single round.

A crasher starts each game session with fortune points equal to their Luck score. Though fortune can be gained through other methods, it cannot surpass the crasher’s Luck quality (without the Gambler merit).

Fortune can be gained mid-session as well:

  • The GM can offer one or more fortune in return for a player to indulge in their character’s motivation or sin in such a way that it hinders or hurts the party or even just the character.
  • Should a character find a complete day to relax without stress or danger, surrounded by those they trust and love, the character regains one fortune point.
  • The GM may award Fortune for teamwork or exceptional role-playing.

Fortune Points are lost not only by spending them, but also through a character's superstitions.

Once per session, a character can reach deep inside themselves or call on something greater than themselves for a chance to achieve the exceptional. A character can bless a single roll before it is rolled.

If a roll is blessed, it can roll a success on a 4, 5 or 6. Additional dice from exploding this roll still succeed only on a 5 or 6. If a quality that is cursed receives a blessing, for the time when both the blessing and curse are active, neither affect this quality.

The Dedicated merit allows a character to bless more than one roll in a game session.

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