Gerald Raeber

Gerald Raeber was caught sneaking chemistry equipment from the lab to sell to the local meth man. Afterwards, he found he couldn't get hired as a chemist at any respectable lab in the area and so he took up cooking meth himself. He made a name for himself and served a few years in lockup, but found that cooking meth couldn't really fulfill him. He needed a challenge… a dream.

First he hit up some old staples of chemical brain augmentation, then he started tweaking formulas to see how far he could push the boundaries. Gerald tested the new drugs on himself, but never formed a habit oddly enough.

Then three years back, one of his clients, named Bodine, that used one of Gerald's special recipe acid with alarming regularity offered him trade when the finances got low. It was a flower with a powerful psychotropic for pollen. Gerald experimented with it and had clients clamoring at his door. Despite his best efforts to research the flower, he could find no record of it anywhere. Finally his research took him to a scientist everyone called Dough Boy Roy. A new world was opened up to Gerald.

At present, Gerald has never been down below, but he's as touched by it as any crasher. His drugs are powerful and unique and a special luxury sent all over the world. He has used thousands of infernal materials in his concoctions, none of which have laws restricting their use. He will mix traditional drugs with his special recipes to bring down the price, but he won't transport them brazenly through the mail.

He generally keeps thing on the down-low because he doesn't want the attention and his drugs do, occasionally, have some pretty earnest side-effects. Gerald has collected a number of these when testing his less popular alchemies. His skin smokes in direct sunlight. It doesn't burn, or hurt, but acrid, lavender-colored smoke gently lifts off his skin wherever sun hits it. He no longer blinks at all and most alarming, he can hear any fears that cross the mind of those in his presence as if they were spoken aloud. Some say he has a magic ear on his left arm, but more likely the source is telepathic in nature. Either way, its allowed him to avoid two undercover police carefully implanted into the drug community over several years as well a hachetman.

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