Giddings Eshlemann

When Giddings Eshlemann stood before an ethics committee and was asked what he had to say to the charges that he impregnated 17 young women who had placed their trust in a respected medical doctor, Giddings looked around the courtroom and said, "What, no applause? Haven't you seen what these women looked like?"

Of course that was years ago, when performing a little plastic surgery and rape over international waters on a "Beauty Cruise" fell into particularly murky legal jurisdictions. In the end, no country had the legal grounds to prosecute him, but then there are ethical mandates within the licensure that can address these kind of things. Without a medical license, Giddings found himself in deep debt and utterly without a medium to express the deep beauty he felt he deserved in life.

In a vain attempt to prove himself a reformed monster, Eshlemann started attending sexual predation group therapy. There he met the Fiddler (not there of his own choosing). The Fiddler convinced Eshlemann that his abilities might be appreciated and lucrative by a community that didn't give a fig how many unconscious girls he "dated".

Now Giddings Eshlemann is well-paid, respected and happy. He specializes in reconstructive surgery of the undamned. Some come back barely able to survive with gross abuses of bone and tendon. Eshlemann has removed large gears, tree branches, lizard tails and great big sacs of fluid from his patients. He can't work miracles, but he is very good and he does have a first rate (illegal) clinic with every accoutrement.

He will patch up crashers for a reasonable price, but his more refined abilities cost more than most crashers can pay. He will take infernal artifacts as payment after they have been verified and by Dennis From Moline (via Matt Damon). There is a rumor that he already has an artifact that allows him to see through human tissue and he has to blind someone with it once a year to keep it working. The Fiddler claims that Eshlemann has gotten younger and handsomer since he first met him. Regardless, Giddings Eshlemann represents an irreplaceable asset to the crasher community.

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