Hobnail Jenkins

Hobnail Jenkins used to be a religious zealot. Not anymore. He is one of the reknown discoverers of the Shitheel Christ, back when he was a cultist. Shortly after the Christ's arrival, however, the cult began to split over the divinity of said Christ. Hobnail was the instigator of the split.

For a while, he led what was left of his cult back into "Crashing for Christ". They fought the Abraxian Project and kept searching for their dead prophet. Hobnail was a firebrand lunatic back then. Then one day bout 15 years back, he steps down and never mentions religious shit again. In fact, while suspicious and generally bad-tempered, he seems a completely different man.

Since then, Hobnail has cultivated a very special reputation among crashers. He is a negotiator. Should a crasher group run into an honest-to-god demon, not some vicious screw but a demon, Hobnail might be their best chance to survive the experience. Hobnail knows how to talk to demons - how to make deals with demons. Bargaining with demons is never safe, but considerabley more dangerous when you aren't Topside surrounded by sigils and chants and near hypnogogic states of mind. When you are right in front of them, chances are they don't want anything from you that you are willing to give.

Hobnail Jenkins has successfully negotiated with twice as many demons as the next runner up. Hobnail has facilitated four separate bargains, only one of which required the death of a teammate (and he was a shit). These are all confirmed with witnesses.

The one that wasn't confirmed was his first bargain, in which Hobnail bargained for his sanity. He had never realized how deluded he had been his entire life. The new Hobnail has a secret hold on reality beyond most crashers, beyond most people, really. He knows the nature of the world in which we live and is still sane.

Whenever anyone asks him what his religion is now, Hobnail always says, "There ain't no word for my kinda religion."

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