You need something to get through daily life. Should you go without, you suffer cumulative penalties.

You avoid the subject of your insanity physically and emotionally. Should you be forced to face it, your Presence is Cursed until the situation ends.

You repeat an unnessesary behavior. Should you be prevented from doing so, you suffer -1 to all rolls until you do so.

You have some fantasy linked to the subject of your insanity from which you cannot be unconvinced. Additionally, when discussing the subject of you Delusion, your Persuade is Cursed.

Your Depression hits you some days worse than others. Roll 1d6 each day. If you roll a 1 or 2, your Resolve is Cursed for the day.

You think story is already written and cannot be changed. You start each session with no fortune points.

Your partial amnesia causes you many problems. If you are in a stressful situation, your Education is Cursed.

When the going gets tough, you hyperventilate. In stressful situations, your Presence is Cursed.

You are filled with violent urges to kill things that provoke or scare you. You can roll Resolve to resist the urge.

You become overly concerned witn your appearance. You become distracted or anxious when you are unkempt, suffering a -1 to all rolls.


You have terrible nightmares that plague you. Roll 1d6 each day. On a 1, your Resolve is Cursed for the day.

You think about something continually. In its presence, you cannot focus on anything else and your Perception is Cursed.

You see danger everywhere. It is difficult to trust others. When not surrounded by the safety of your own making, Persuade is Cursed.

You are terrified by something. In its presence all rolls are Cursed.

Shot Nerves
You are slow to react and awkward in body language. Your Reflex is Cursed if you have taken any damage or injuries in the current scene.

The Shakes
You can't look 'em in the eye no more. If you are aiming at something that can see you, your Aim is Cursed.

1st Die 2nd Die Insanity
1 1-3 Shot Nerves
1 4-6 Paranoia
2 1-3 Hysteria
2 4-6 The Shakes
3 1-2 Forgetful
3 3-4 Fatalism
3 5-6 Depression
4 1-2 Murderous
4 3-4 Nightmares
4 5-6 Delusional
5 1-2 Narcissism
5 3-4 Addiction
5 5-6 Phobia
6 1-2 Obsessive
6 3-4 Compulsive
6 5-6 Avoidance


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