Jens Burghman

In a small, crumbling farmstead, just outside the village of Energy, Illinois lives one of the finest demon summoners of her generation. Jens Burghman was a well-respected music teacher at the local private Christian school for a good many years before a rumor got around that she was a Satan-worshiper. She admitted she was a pagan, but frankly some folks just didn't see the difference. She watched in frustration as her world crumbled. She was fired. Her old friends became cold stares and just-turned heads.

More lies and rumors spread and suddenly she was accused of kidnapping the Kohlhaas child three years back, stealing the street sign on Ward street and there were even whispers that she may have been pregnant, given birth last year and then sacrificed her child for dark powers. Jens retreated into an isolated, lonely life. Her entire social life is lived near-exclusively over the internet, but she does get visitors and she must make money (some say from prostitution) because she pays her bills eventually. Jens has become an authentic target of shunning and a handy scapegoat for all manner of mayhem and misfortune.

The truth is, Jens did not steal that sign - she did get pregnant, birth a child and sacrifice it all in secrecy and she may have kidnapped the Kohlhaas kid; it's… hard to keep track. Jens is a Satan-worshiper, but forged her one-woman religion as an awkward misanthropic teenage outsider. Her portrait of Satan was a composite of Sunday school, heavy metal albums and 80s occult hysteria. She summoned her first demon at the age of 13 by sacrificing a cat and chanting dark poetry backwards in her family's chicken coop one night. She wanted a certain boy for herself and the demon only asked that she seduce her father when he got drunk enough. It wasn't even all that difficult as things turned out, but the boy was a disappointment.

As Jens has gotten older and wiser, her religion has matured and her powers have grown. She still works with sacrifices and backwards chants. She can lock onto a demon by name, title or even impression and seems to have a scary reputation as a "demon-eater" among their kind. She has been known to talk with frogs, bleed acid, ignore being shot in the head and speak any language. It has been noted that people that piss her off do seem to get hideous tumors in bad places.

Burghman also has a cherry under her home named Eddile which leads to Zoblosh but opens only for a while after someone in the basement mistakes a dying cat's meow for a crying baby. This requires a great deal of logistics, luck, subterfuge and, as it turns out, cats.

For summoning or use of Eddile, Jens is expensive. She will sometimes take cash, but more often asks for services. She is playing a game of trade-in with infernal movers and shakers and sets her personal agreements with demons so that she can sub-contract the "price". She claims her greatest goal is for a crown and throne and a million screaming subjects.

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