A resident demon of Lash, Lagash appears a fat, hairless eunuch with gentle features and an intense fashion sense. He dresses in large, frilled collars and elaborate, gold-inlay gowns. Large rubies dangle at each elongated ear lobe resting at his collar bone. He is fond of dominos and philosophy. If beaten in dominos (not impossible by any stretch) Lagash can provide a safe exit from Lash. Some crashers have engaged him in deep philosophical debate hoping to gain some insight to the inner nature of the universe, but have found Lagash is a strong proponent of solipsism and either has little actual information to relate or keeps such information to himself.

Lagash can allow you to keep a secret from yourself. For a small price, you can forget your pedophilia or fear of water or even the woman you let die (effectively ignoring an Insanity). The cost is a bit over ten minutes every night, taken after you fall asleep. During this time, your body is not your own and you will form no memories. Should you somehow reveal your own secret, the contract is voided and your body shall make no more nightly wanderings. Some crashers believe these contracts allow a demon to inhabit your body, others believe to hide your own secret, your psyche must be split in two, effectively forging a new mind from the dark secret. Malik “the Shit” Lipschitz claims to have happily held one of Lagash’s contracts for seven years, but there is a strange rumor about him eating shit.

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