Largo Keys

The man now known as Largo Keys was gonna be big shit. His tunes were catchy and his ukulele was playful and endearing. His trop rock had quite a following among a certain crowd in the Upper Peninsula in the 80s. If he could have gotten to California, everyone would know him today. Instead he went on a crash for the money to move. It didn't work out. He lost a couple of friends and his singing voice.

With his money, he bought an unknown cherry that blossomed into a real money-maker. Largo was going build up the cash to open a chain of bars across the country. But after just a few great months, the cherry dried up and Largo's savings went into changing the location into a Tiki bar until the cherry reopened. "The Key Largo Tiki Bar & Grill" became the "Largo Keys Tikibar & Grilbar" with the help of an inept and possible illiterate neon sign maker. Thereafter, the owner's name just became Largo Keys, owner and barkeep in the finest crasher Tiki bar in northern Michigan.

While waiting, Largo got married, got kids, got divorced, got cancer, beat it and served alot of drinks to alot of crashers. He found that as crashers retirements go, his wasn't so bad.

Largo has a room in the back with alot of medical supplies and a few rotting couches. He charges to use it, but would rather let someone use it for free than see them bleed out in front of him. He'll sometime trade information or sell it. He's cheaper than Legend Kligrapp, but he also only traffics in rumors. He is friendly and calm in demeanor. This isn't a facade. He has had good life in his estimate and doesn't think too hard about the bad stuff.

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