Type: Boutique

Entrance: Lister is a utility closet in the staff bathroom of an derelict high school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Quarter Short is an ceiling hatch in the storage room of a Peoria peep show and adult book store. My Ex-Wife Maggie is a utility access cover on the roof of the public library of Waterloo, Iowa.

Transit Access: The Lash can reliably be reached by Egression and Cistern, but Lash has fleeting and irregular connections to other transits and, on rare occasions, other domains.

Citizens: Lash does not have permanent citizens, but guests. As all the souls within Lash are guests, Lash has no qualms with crashers coming though it, unless they interrupt the festivities. There are usually only about 150 guests in Lash at any one time, making it the smallest demesnes yet recorded. New guests wander in constantly, usually bewildered to be welcomed by enthusiastic revelry.

Guests within Lash are beautiful. Within Lash ugly scars fade, wrinkles tighten, flab recedes, skin clears, movements become fluid and stink turns to alluring musk. These effects are very temporary. As one enters Lash the changes are smooth and occur over several minutes, painlessly. As one leaves Lash, such splendor drops instantly, often taking some beauty with it. This event causes intense pain and usually humiliation as face bones slam back into less symmetrical positions, new fat rips vivid stretch marks, seeping acne erupts, grubby flatulence and body odor afflict the once-guest. A crasher name Grayson coined the phrase “The Uglying,” to describe this sad exit from Lash’s mercies, which seems to have stuck.

Shackles: The primary shackles of Lash are an increased libido and enhanced convoluted senses. Sensation rules Lash. The sighs and gasps of new lovers across the Bathhouse can be felt caressing the listener. Succulent dishes in the Banquet sing delicious symphonies to the tongue. The curve of a hip can be tasted from afar. Even crashers suffer from these sensations as Lash does not discriminate between crashers and any other guests. It should be noted that Lash is certainly better than most any other place a baby-raper is likely to end up and many chose to stay of their own regard. As Cotton Fuches said just minutes before stumbling upon his blessing, “I don’t know whose hell this is, but it sure ain’t mine!”

Screws: The screws of Lash are hidden among the guests. Called Marquises or sometimes Fuck Bombs, the screws of Lash are indistinguishable in appearance or behavior from any other guests of any gender until they bestow their blessing. The blessing usually consists of a particularly satisfying sex act cut brutally and bloodily short by the screw’s newly developed genital maw (called “bad teeth”). On occasion, a guest will avoid such contact, as difficult as that may be, after witnessing a blessing. In this case, the guest will eventually be chosen for a blessing regardless of consent by a group of Marquises. These rapes are particularly brutal even before the “bad teeth” show up. Impromptu gang-rape blessings seem to be the standard response to escape attempts from Lash. Other blessings have occurred involving glass teeth, acidic ejaculates and razor tongues. While Marquises are not invulnerable to conventional weaponry, they are highly resistant to it and become more active and enthusiastic when wounded.

One blessing occurs every hour or so and there seems to be no pattern. Those that stay longer than a few days of hedonistic bliss usually believe they have identified a pattern that excludes them from such blessings, yet there are no guests that have attended Lash for more than a week. Blessings usually occurs in secluded areas to avoid dimming the mood of the party, but very public blessings are far from rare.

The Place: Lash is a plush series of rooms decorated in a striking array of textures: leather, marble, velvet and aluminum come together in pleasing and sexually ergonomic combinations. Rich colors permeate the carefully designed décor. Lash’s guests are attended by servants that may or may not be lost souls, though some of the servants appear to be young children, so most consider them a “decoration” of Lash. Their only purpose seems to be serving the tiniest whim of a guest and suffering the guests’ casual and carnal abuse. They never talk or move to violence unless a Marquis is impersonating one for a blessing.

The Dungeon is filled with countless sexual paraphernalia for the most discriminating sadist, masochist, bondage and/or domination enthusiast. The Bathhouse seems to have rolled out of a Roman historian’s literal wet dream: steaming baths and bracing pools sunken into white marble attended by dulset-faced young boys with long lashes and pouty lips. The Menagerie contains countless creatures, both ordinary and impossible, coupling with guests and each other. In the Menagerie, languid serpents tangle with sweat-moistened thighs, octopod device-monsters stimulate several matrons at once, shaved and semi-clothed boars mount eager young lads and giant iguanas lap at tender nethers.

Most guests wile away the hours in Lash eating, drinking and fucking. Preternatural libido drives all conversation. Taboos fall by the wayside and caution is talked about, but never heeded. Kink is so present as to be useless as a concept. Servants carry trays serving liquor or drugs. Sex is present in every room and hallway and cul-de-sac of Lash. Sex absent from the feeble fumblings of topside. Better-than-sex sex. Nearly every possible sex act and fetish can found eventually.

The blessings are regular and usually disturbing to new guests that witness them. Veteran guests (those attending for a couple days or more) are quick to explain why the blessing occurred while the victim is dragged screaming, bloody and mutilated toward the kitchens. The explanations are usually convoluted superstitions that paint the victim as a fool for breaking explicit, but complex rules. Victims of a blessing are dragged to the kitchens where servants prepare them for the slow cook.

The guest is tenderized with large mallets, seasoned and a skewer is run through the mouth and out the anus. The guest is then placed over a no-shit-you’re-on-a-rotisserie-in-Hell fire. After several hours of slow roasting, the victim’s body fully cooked (except the head), the guest is posed on a large platter, further seasoned, dressed with various marinated fruits and brought out to the Banquet Hall to be consumed over several hours. The guest is completely conscious and feels pain throughout this entire process.

The Banquet Hall is vaulted-ceiling, and centers a massive table filled with countless gourmet accomplishments. All the food on the candle-lit table is delicious, but only the pork (guest) provides any sustenance and actually curbs hunger. Once a guest has been consumed, their head is removed and thrown to the various animals in the Menagerie to eat. Once eaten, the lost soul is reborn in another domain complete, with the exception of the wounds suffered from the “bad teeth”. These wounds never heal, even by those that go through regenerative demesnes like the Offal Pit.

Landmarks: The Banquet Hall, The Bathhouse, The Glorious Hole, The Dungeon, The Menagerie

Notable Demons: Lagash

Screws of Lash
Brawn 4 (Tough), Education 4 (Arts, History), Perception 3, Persuade 4 (Charm), Presence 5 (Seduce), Resolve 5 (Pain Tolerance), Streetwise 3 (Gossip)
Weapons: Bad Teeth: during intercourse automatically hits and
Bruised (+1) 14, Battered(+2) 21, Beaten 28 (+3) Dying 25
Instead of suffering penalties as they are injured, Marquis gain bonuses to all physical rolls.

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