Master Odentahpp

Master Odentahpp is one of the few old guys that crashs, much like Coffin. Unlike Coffin, Master Odentahpp hasn't been at it a long time. He has one of the most skillful groups formed that follow his lead wherever he chooses to go and where he chooses to go, is Churmish. Only Churmish.

Master Odentahpp is a religious man, though few know it. Being an ethnic Chinese raised by a batshit crazy religious whore in 1960s Ukraine may have led him to a dark path early. He did bad things, terrible things. And his mother threatened him with the thing that terrified him most - insects. She read some Kafka in her youth and after that, whenever her boy misbehaved she threatened him with a suffering rebirth as an insect for his failings. He failed as a man, as a citizen, as her son and lover. He would chitter in shadows for a lifetime. This dread never left him.

When he first found Naraka, he formed a plan. He should revisit and purify his soul so that he may be reborn greater, not lesser than he had been in this life. Churmish so perfectly described the suffering lands his mother had sewn into his young mind. Burning cities and forests, puking black smoke into the corpse-gray sky. Everything tastes of ashes and the air stings flesh. Tar and soot coated everything exposed to it in minutes. Knowledge of other domains also perfectly matches his religious views, but he has decided Churmish will be his soul's crucible simply because it resembles his mother's bedtime stories. Also, Churmish doesn't have any insects.

Most think of the calm and affable Master Odentahpp as a Zen Master. A placid calm force surrounded by storms. They think he crashes because it doesn't bother him. Little do they know the twisted insane strain of Buddhism that drives Odentahpp's every decision.

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