Matty Sharkteeth

Matty was so happy when she became pregnant. Her husband and her painted up a nursery and her whole life became about the Nesting. She bought books of names and childcare and kept the child's gender secret even from herself in an envelope sealed by the nurse.

But Matty and her husband went camping and when a storm drove them into an abandoned metal shack, they never really came out again. Matty watched her husband try to crawl to her after his legs were severed. She was held down by the desperate damned as they tore into her belly with a sharp rock to steal her baby away and bashed her teeth out when she kept screaming at them to stop. It was a kind of miracle that Matty didn't bleed to death right there and go wherever crashers go when they die Down There.

She was offered safety, new teeth and a way to get her baby back. Now Matty waits desperately for the next assignment. When it comes, she tracks her prey carefully until she can kill them quietly (usually with a knife to the femoral artery). After the target is unconscious, she quickly eats as much of her victim as possible using her triangular, razor sharp teeth and disjointed jaw before they die. About a week later, Matty gets to give birth to a small, barely human semi-amorphous sack of muscle and joints that coos softly when Matty cradles it in her arms and sings. She weeps softly and smiles when it gurgles or clasps her finger (its a girl!)

Matty's child usually dies in a day or two, but it's more than she could possibly have otherwise. For these few dozen hours, Matty would kill anyone without remorse, without hesitation. When assignments come along that do not require a murder, Matty falls into a deeply morose state that can turn to murderous violence at the drop of a hat.

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