Melee Complications

An All-Out Attack grants a character a +1 to an attack, but give anyone attacking that character a +1 to attack.

An opponent can be Disarmed by making a melee or brawl attack at a –2 penalty and then winning a contested Brawn roll. An attack to disarm can be avoided like any other attack.

A character may attempt to Grapple an opponent by succeeding in a non-damaging brawl roll. Once grappled, an opponent’s (and your) options are narrowed. Grappled combatants can attempt to break from a grapple as a free action once each turn through a contested Brawn (Brawl) roll or both can chose to drop the grapple at the same time. Further attempts in the round must use an action. An action may also be used to make an unhindered brawl attack each turn. Only very small weapons can be wielded while in a grapple, such as broken bottles, knives and claws.

Once an opponent has been grappled, a Pinning attack can be made the following round. Pinning attacks are also a non-damaging brawl roll. The only action a pinned combatant may take is an attempt to break the pin as a contested Brawl action. Pinned combatants are no longer considered grappled and cannot attempt to break free as a free action, nor may they attack their opponent.

A Knockout Attack is made with a blunt weapon and suffers a –1 die to attack and damage rating. Should a target suffer enough damage to be Dying, they instead suffer the Moderate Injury: Concussion with this roll.
1 (1D6 rds.), 2 (2D6 rds.), 3-4 (3D6 rds.), 5-6 (4D6 rds.)

Some objects, while useful in combat, were not properly designed for fighting. These unwieldy and poorly– balanced weapons have a note of Improvised (or Imp.), meaning anyone wielding this type of weapon in combat suffers a –1 penalty to their To Hit.

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