Merits & Flaws

Some refinement in a hellcrasher’s abilities can be found using both Merits and Flaws. Merits benefit the character in ways not covered by their Qualities alone.

Flaws hinder the character in exchange for experience. Flaws don’t have mechanics, but rather provide opportunities for the GM and player to further challenge the character in exchange for additional experience. Any session in which a character actually suffers from a Flaw, they get an additional experience point. If the character is in debt, but isn’t hassled by the loan shark that session, they earn no additional experience even though they didn’t buy things they might have if they didn’t owe to such people.

While a character can have multiple flaws, they may only gain one experience bonus per session from flaws.

A new character may select three Merits or two merits and one flaw at character creation.

Basic Character Generation
STEP ONE: Character Concept
STEP TWO: Motivation
STEP FOUR: Qualities
STEP FIVE: Specialties
STEP SIX: Superstitions
STEP SEVEN:Merits & Flaws

Alternative Character Generation System
Qualities & Specialties List
Merits list
Flaws list

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