Mike Melslip, King of the Runaways

Mikel Meelslipov is the creator of more crasher teams than anyone in history. He used to go down alot, but retired in '92 after a bad row with Stinko Yusarian and bought up a rundown dormitory where a burnt-out cherry used to be. While trying to unsuccessfully reopen the cherry, Mike bought some gym equipment for his team and himself to stay sharp. After a month, poor neighborhood kids started showing up and Mike saw an opportunity bloom.

"Mike Melslip" owns and operates the Upper Peninsula Youth Hostel and Gymnasium For Wayward and Troubled Youth (Boys chapter). He pulls in big state bucks for training young, impressionable boys to raid the Worst Place Ever. Then he makes big bucks sending them on near suicidal assignments. No one asks questions when several boys a year "run away and are never heard from again." No one is surprised that so many of Melslip's kids are psychological train wrecks; he takes in the worst cases after all.

Melslip has earned several awards from the city for "selfless investment in the cause of child welfare" and even appeared in a small article in People magazine six years back. He believes himself a mix between Professor X and Charlie from Charlie's Angels, but never questions the damage he does to his wards. He just rakes in the prestige and rewards and doles out the backslaps and tough love.

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