Moderate Injuries

The GM may choose to assign an Injury if one is particularly appropriate. If not, when a character accepts an injury, they consult the appropriate table. Roll two D6s that are different enough to identify one as a “1st die” and one as a “2nd die” to determine what injury the character receives.

Aching Joints
You have throbbing pains that distract from any physical activity. –1 to all physical rolls until you are under the effects of a painkiller or you spend a minute limbering up. Each time you rest, you will need to limber up again to avoid the penalty. Permanent.

Bad Back
Your back screams in pain when you try to lift too much. –1 to Brawn for the rolls to lift or move heavy objects. Permanent.

You take one damage every round, minute or hour until you receive First Aid.

Broken Ankle
You suffer a -1 to any roll requiring use of your legs. You do not have any free movement and must make use of the sprint action to move in combat. Weeks to heal.

Broken Arm
Any roll requiring the use of this arm is Cursed. Weeks to heal.

Broken Fingers
Any roll requiring use of this hand is Cursed. Weeks to heal.

Broken Jaw
You cannot talk properly until this injury is healed. Weeks to heal.

Broken Leg
Any roll requiring use of this leg is Cursed. You do not have any free movement and must make use of the sprint action to move in combat. If you have two broken legs, you cannot move on your own. Weeks to heal.

Broken Nose
You are in shock for 7 - Resolve (Pain tolerance) in rounds. You suffer - 1 to you Presence as you stuffed-nose voice and swollen eyes do not make for a powerful impression. You cannot smell. Days to heal.

Broken Ribs
All physical activities suffer a -1 die penalty. Weeks to heal.

Clicking Knee
Your knee clicks loudly. You suffer a -1 to Stealth (Streetwise or Survival) rolls. Days to heal.

You have a clot waiting to kill you. It does nothing right now, but if you ever get Clot again, you die instantly. Permanent.

Your Aim score is Cursed. Hours to heal.
Roll 2D6. The lowest result die determines how many rounds you are unconscious, the higher determine how many minutes you suffer a -1 to all die rolls.
Roll 4D6. The lowest two result dice determine how many rounds you are unconscious, the higher two determine how many minutes you suffer a -1 to all die rolls.

Distinctive Scar
Your scars are memorable and hard to ignore. You suffer a -1 to Presence (Seduction) rolls. No rolls are needed to identify or remember you. You lose the Nondescript merit. Permanent.

You have pushed yourself past you limits. You suffer a -1 to all rolls until you rest for an hour or more. One hour to heal.
Four Eyes
Your eyes have been damaged. Your sight-based rolls are Cursed unless you use glasses or contacts. Permanent.
Glass Jaw
You are more prone to being stunned in a fight. Your Resolve is treated at -1 for the purposes of calculating injuries. Permanent.
You can’t bend over so well. Any task requiring enough flexibility to touch your feet is Cursed. Permanent
Internal Bleeding
You will suffer 1 damage/ hour until you receive competent medical attention in a medical facility. First aid will not do. Days to heal.
Locking Hip
You hip locks up at the worst of times. You suffer -1 to dodge rolls. Days to heal.

Missing Teeth
You lose 1D6 teeth. Permanent.
Numb Fingers
You have lost sensitivity in your fingers. Any roll requiring delicate or precise handwork or manual sense of touch is Cursed. Permanent.
Open Wound
Any additional Moderate Wounds you take before the Open Wound is treated in a competent medical facility are Severe Wounds.
Persistent Cough
You've sustained some damage to your lungs that causes you to cough regularly. You can spend an action to make a Resolve roll to stop coughing long enough to aim a gun or sneak past a guard (one round per success). Permanent.
Pulled Muscle
Your Athletics is Cursed. Minutes to heal.
Ruptured Ear Drum
Any tests involving balance or hearing are Cursed. Weeks to heal.
Sprained Wrist
Any roll requiring the use of the hand suffers a -1 . Hours to heal.
Torn Shoulder
You feel a sharp pain in your shoulder when you use it. -1 Brawn and related Athletics rolls. Weeks to heal.
Twisted Ankle
You suffer a -1 die with use of this leg. You only have 5 feet of free movement each round. Days to heal.
Twisted Guts
Your stomach and/or intestines have been damaged so badly that you suffer a -1 to all rolls for an hour after you eat. Spicy food is even worse. Permanent.
Weak Knees
You've taken a bad knock to your leg, causing pain when you climb stairs or stand up. It takes you two Actions to stand up from being knocked down. Permanent.

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