STEP TWO: Motivation
Hellcrashing is dangerous and sleazy. No one does it without reason. Choose why your character would choose to risk their very soul. The motivations have been numbered, allowing you to roll a single D6 to randomize your motivation if you would like. Feel free to make up your own motivation to better suit your character.

Adventure.  What greater thrill could there be?  There is nothing more dangerous, scarier or more exciting.  It's a given that everyone who Hellcrashes is not right in the head; at least your crazy is straightforward.  Every thrill-junkie works so hard to taste the merest hint of this pure unadulterated rush.

Discovery.  Other dimensions exist and are accessible.  What scientist could resist?  This is the brave, new frontier and you are going be the one to map it.  Maybe the world isn't ready to know.  Maybe it never will be, but that won't stop you from recording and collating and analyzing the data.  This can also be profitable as well.  In a culture where the right information just might mean you won't spend eternity stapled to a wall of nettles, the right info can net some solid cash.

Guilt.  You don't like yourself too much.  You've done some things of which you aren't too proud.  Maybe you know where you belong and keep going for as long as you can stand it, until the day when you can just stay.  Maybe you're on a new path and need to remind yourself what happens if you go back to your old ways.

Money.  Somehow, you stumbled into this secret world.  You never had much in the way of useful skills, you never held onto a job for very long and now people are willing to pay you big money (as you reckon it).  Why shouldn't you profit?  You've done other dangerous jobs for less pay before and the IRS doesn't take a penny from these wages.

Prestige.  Your feel obligated to return to the Down Below again and again.   Perhaps you have a complex religious reason to see it done or made some promise.  Maybe you came to crashing at a young age and this is really all you know.   It has become a point of pride and honor despite the rather unsavory nature of the whole affair.

Searching.  You need to find someone or something.  A special place that can fix your Big Problem.  A special person that you just can't find.  One day you'll find it, if you keep looking.

While Ignatius would claim he crashes for the money, his real motive is acceptance. He has tasted a bit of celebrity among crashers and is eager for more. Ignatius has the Motivation: Prestige.

1 Adventure
2 Discovery
3 Guilt
4 Money
5 Prestige
6 Searching

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