Neneh the Bedwetter

Neneh can read men's futures. Just men, sorry ladies. The thing is, she doesn't roll bones or even read animal viscera. She does cost cold hard cash, but not that much in the grand scheme of thing, but you do have to fuck her.

" Neneh the Betwetter is not a great lay. I do not say this because she's pushing 60 or that she has , like, 17 fucking grandkids scampering around that place. The smell is off-putting, sure, but when her eyes roll back in her head, she foams at the mouth and she makes these awful gurgling sounds…Eww. When I fucked her she had this goddamn snot bubble that I popped so I wouldn't have to keep staring at it. That was a mistake."

The general working theory is the longer and more vigorously one lays the pipe in 'ol Neneh, the more accurate and far-reaching the prognostication. After the fucking, Neneh recovers slowly and without grace, flips on some black lights and then reads the map of jism, sweat and piss upon her blue-black bedsheets with a cold reverence.

Neneh's fortunes are vague, but all too often have enough detail to be useful. At the end of the day, this labor of screwing Neneh is considered rather insignificant by crashers that have been at the game for any time at all. Some of the old dogs consider it a bonus. Neneh does have both molluscum contagiosum and genital warts, which she is very up front about, but requires an up-to-date VI test prior to a reading.

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