Nigel Hamstring

Few men have outright faced off against Callus Drogovich, but the few that have are men of note. Nigel Hinckley was a faithful patriarch and prophet of a devout Mormon splinter sect hidden in the rurals of North-Western Missouri. Hinckley claimed (among his sect) he had been led by divine revelation to a door to the telestial kingdoms and another leading to the celestial kingdoms. In an effort to prevent the unworthy from attempting a modern-day Tower of Babel, Nigel kept the locations to himself and the very existence of the doors secret to anyone outside the sect.

Sadly enough, even among the religiously devout, secrets are so hard to keep. From one 12 year old girl to an outsider, to another to the attentive ears of a giant in Florida. Even Drogovich would admit that mistakes were made. He is not a man for subtlety nor finessing negotiations, but strong-arming a man that speaks to God backed by well-armed fanatical followers was perhaps ill-advised. Drogovich made offers, then veiled threats, then open threats. Hinckley did not flinch. A secret war ranged the wilds of a Missouri. The casualties included: one death by baseball bat (aluminum), three deaths by live burials, one death by slashing, two deaths by pick-up "keelhauling", four deaths and four injuries by shotgun and the death of one Alesandra Drogovich by hanging. That last one is why Nigel is man he is today.

Drogovich allowed his gang war to unfold hundreds of miles away without much concern until it escalated enough to send his sister. Recovering her for the second time was expensive and traumatic. Hinckley 's humble compound was overrun by well-trained, well-paid and well-armed men that did not mind gunning down children. Hinckley surrendered in hopes of saving the remnants of his people. Instead, his followers were killed in front of him.

Callus was keen to make an example of a man with the temerity to oppose him. Nigel's family became playthings of the Drogovichs. Nigel himself was locked in a small closet for several weeks with something Callus called "the Lithopedion". He spoke through the door to Nigel and "remade him into something more useful". A fitting new name was needed.

Now Nigel Hamstring smokes, drinks, sleeps with prostitutes and is a loyal and resourceful smithers with a reputation for ruthlessness. He doesn't like the look one of Drogovich's homely whores gives him and gets a sickening feeling whenever Callus humiliates that one in his presence. This happens often. Nigel is dimly aware he has a past that has been lost to him and is known to others. He has been unconcerned with this hidden past up to now, but finds himself sometimes daydreaming of large family meals, of verdant forests and golden doors.

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