The Hellcrasher community is a strange and desperate crowd.

Named NPCs were created in a collaborative process with the help of folks mentioned here.

None of the pictures used here are used with permission and have no relationship to the smarmy and often despicable characters that populate the fictional world of Hellcrashers.

Generic NPCs

The Abraxian Project
Adam Douglas
Amberly Coates, The Boxcutter Baby
Angie Calypso
Azrael Scheiss
Babydoll Detta
Ball-Hitch Mitch (and the Ambassador)
Barrister George Mankins
The Bat
Beautiful Larry
Bitch Anderson
Brandish Spex, Demon Fucker
Brindle Branson, the Horse Puncher
Bubba St. Germain
Callus Detier Drogovich
“Cancer Meat” Bodine
Chet Awesome
Claire's Other Boyfriend
Claude Crabb
Clutch Dixon
Crotch Dubard
Crystal McCristol
Dennis from Moline
Dierdre Östermann
Dink Fandler
Dough Boy Roy
Dusty “Mia” Culp
El B.J.
Elliott Sewell
Empty Fallon
Ephraim, The Mother
Evan Stampstone
Father Jeremy Khyyrzhick
The Fiddler
Filthy Walter
George R.R. Martin
Gerald Raeber
Giddings Eshlemann
The Girl From Singapore
The Government Man, Bibb Graves
Hagen McClelland
Hallier München
Hobnail Jenkins
Jeff’s Dead Ex-Wife
Jemi Tease
Jens Burghman
Largo Keys
Legend Kligrapp
Little Brother
MacGyver Mendelton
Master Odentahpp
The Matchstick Ogre
Matt Damon
Matty Sharkteeth
Mike Melslip, King of the Runaways
Mr. Mostly Mittens
Mr. Pinkler
The Mummy Reefer; AKA Pharaoh Tokedonpot
"NAMBLA" Ned McStucky
Neneh the Bedwetter
Nigel Hamstring
The One That Got Away
The Pansy
The Paperboy
The Partisan
Porky Edgewater
Queer Wookie
The Rubber Raincoat Man
Rachel Medium
Rusty Hips Rose
Shitheel Christ
The Shultey Boyz
The Skinny Fuck
Stinko Yusarian
Stubbs Wilson
Tammy Lee Smead
The Terrible Golly
The Tinker
Thumper Chase
Toady Lisa Swanson & Lena Olson, Fuckbait
"Tongueless" Lister Frombat
Tranny Joe
Ugly Rosa Briggs
Vinnie Vermillion
Wesley Krumb
Wyeth Kinneth (the Stutterer)

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