Nurak is a cloaked figure, that pushes a shallow boat through the waters of Mother. Nurak has been called a “reasonable demon”. He is apathetic to the plight of the demonspawn or the wormbait. His only concern is transporting the newborns from Mother to wherever they go. He makes no attempts to interfere with the actions of crashers, unless they confront him or his boat. He has the ability to pull someone beneath waves by will alone, even someone not in Mother. He has negotiated the drowning of swimmers in the real world as well and guiding crashers out of Mother, escapee in tow. His usual fee is a death promise from water. A promise to never submerge oneself completely in water would merit a minor value, where as the promise to never so much as bathe or get wet from rain is valuable to Naruk. The penalty for breaking such an agreement is death (by drowning), which Naruk apparently enforces diligently.

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