Porky Edgewater

When it comes to sniffing out a cherry, there is none finer than Porky Edgewater and his crew. Originally apprenticed to Legend Kligrapp, Porky has a talent for bureaucracy, disguise and deception of every kind. While his extreme obesity makes for an unlikely police officer or building inspector or even once a prostitution advocacy expert, his sincerity and witless smile buy him the authenticity he needs.

Porky only spies the Other Side to verify a door and know what he's selling. He is no tollkeeper or fighter. He keeps his finds secret until sold, when they become someone else's problem. Porky has a vast collection of vans, magnetic logos, IDs, and uniforms. He studies local bi-laws and knows how to make anything a pain-in-the-ass with red tape and cheap bribes. He considers himself a professional and cultivates the image whenever he can.

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