STEP FOUR: Qualities

Qualities are the traits that define your character’s abilities and limitations. The qualities are: Aim, Athletics, Brawn, Education, Luck, Perception, Persuade, Presence, Reflex, Resolve, Streetwise, Survival and Technology. Each quality has a value rating from 0 to 5. Someone with a 0 in a trait is inept, while a 5 indicates an authority in the field.

A description of each quality and specialty is here.

0 Inept
1 Poor
2 Typical
3 Talented
4 Professional
5 Authority

A. Cardinal Abilities
Your Cardinal Abilities are the qualities that most define your character. These are the things your character does best. Select two qualities. Your character will begin the game as a “Professional” (4) in these qualities.

Ignatius is first and foremost a driver. His passion has always been and continues to be behind the wheel of a fast car.

The player of Ignatius asks his GM what you use to hotwire a car.  Streetwise (Intrusion) or Technology (Mechanic).  The GM decides Intrusion fits the bill best.  As a career criminal, he definitely needs several of the specialties under Streetwise, so this as his "Professional" level Quality makes a lot of sense.

Cardinal Abilities: Reflex, which is used to drive in dangerous situations and Streetwise.

B. Talents
Your Talents are lesser, but still significant abilities of your character. Your character begins play with three qualities of “Talented” (3) level.

Ignatius maintains and modifies his own vehicle, which calls for some ability in Technology (Mechanics). He occasionally has to run at high speeds from people with badges and sticks which is covered by Athletics. He also is fit and strong-bodied, which is represented by Brawn.

Talents: Athletics, Brawn and Technology.

C. Weakness
This is the thing your character does badly. A character is simply “Poor” (1) in this quality.

Ignatius still stumbles over his words and becomes easily flustered in any verbal confrontation.  He does his speaking with his right foot and the sound of squealing tires.

Weakness: Persuade.

D. Typical Qualities
All other qualities are “Typical” (2) qualities

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