Queer Wookie

Queer Wookie is a warrior-pilgrim. He worships the Norse gods and authentically believes the down under to be the Norse Hel and the damned to be cowards and the dishonorable dead. As a result, he follows a strict code of conduct that in no way leaves out the possibility of murdering you for cowardice.

Most crashers believe there is a special skerry domain, just for crashers killed while Down Below. Not Queer Wookie, he thinks this is his best chance of seeing Valhalla. So far, his valor and skill have saved him, but most figure his career will be short lived. For the time being Queer Wookie has no team, but hires out on a freelance basis.

Queer Wookie is homosexual and willing to kill you over an insult. He crashes with very little equipment, bare chested (or occasionally with only a flak jacket covering his torso.) He is a fair shot with a pistol and an excellent melee fighter. He prefers axes, but is good with most weapons.

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