Severe Injuries

The GM may choose to assign an Injury if one is particularly appropriate. If not, when a character accepts an injury, they consult the appropriate table. Roll two D6s that are different enough to identify one as a “1st die” and one as a “2nd die” to determine what injury the character receives.

Severe Injuries are permanent.
Brain Damage
Your brain has suffered physical trauma. Education and one other random quality is Cursed.
1. Aim
2. Perception
3. Persuade
4. Presence
5. Resolve
6. Reflex
Bum Leg
Your leg has been severed or otherwise ruined. With prosthetics you can walk, but any relevant Brawn, Reflex or Athletics roll is Cursed. You do not have any free movement and must make use of the sprint action to move in combat.
Only men can suffer this injury. You also suffer the Moderate Injuries of Bleeding 1 dam/rd. and Internal Bleeding 1 dam/hr.
You have little or no ability to hear any more. Any hearing based rolls are failed.

Disgusting Scar
You have had your nose severed or suffered an equally vile disfigurement. You lose the Nondescript merit. Your Presence is Cursed for any use other than intimidation.
Failing Health
Failing organs or grievous infections have ravaged your health. Your Athletics quality is Cursed.
You are prone to suffer terribly when assaulted physically. Your Resolve and Brawn are considered to be -1 for purposes of calculating injuries.
Missing Eye
You have lost an eye. Aim is Cursed. If you get this injury twice, you are blind.
Missing Fingers
You lose 1d6-1 (minimum 1) finger(s). You suffer -1 penalty to use that hand for each finger severed.

Missing Meat
A significant amount of muscle and tissue has been destroyed. A random quality is Cursed:
1-2 Athletics, 3-4 Brawn, 5-6 Reflex.

Nerve Damage
Nerve damage has destroyed your reaction time. Your Reflex quality is Cursed.

Ruined Hand
Your hand has been severed or otherwise ruined. It cannot be used to hold a weapon or make a fist.

Slow to Heal
You recover from damage at half normal speeds: You heal your Brawn in damage every 2 days.

By biting off half your tongue or having your throat savaged, you have little or no ability to speak clearly.

Spine Injury
Your spine has suffered significant damage. Your Brawn Quality is Cursed.

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