Shitheel Christ

Back in the day there was a crazy cult named the Abraxian Project that lost their prophet. Once they found out about the afterlife, they consulted the prophet's writings and decided to send down a squad of nutbags to bring him back. So these cult crashers come back from a place called Empty Breath without the prophet, but luck of luck, they bring back a messiah!

Shitheel Christ is a powerful personality and has destroyed, built, split, revived and mutated the already bug-fuck Abraxian Project into a reflection of his own spectacularly warped mind. The Abraxians commit strange, terrible and personalized crimes that seem to hold no purpose, all while hiding the source of the terrible actions. They scarred that high school homecoming queen last year with acid, they burned down both the animal shelters and they gang raped that hero fire-fighter last week.

Shitheel Christ still sends his minions into the Great Below regularly and controls several cherries. He believes himself to be the "real" son of God and God's rightful replacement. His Father has failed, but Shitheel Crist is here to supplant this world's tyrant-god and elevate the Flesh of Everything to Godhood. You are welcome. Any matter that comes into contact with Shitheel Christ is sacred. All his excrement and urine are collected to be used for holy rites. He does not wash. He does not compromise. Shitheel Christ can and will damn your soul, or rather, his goons will drag you to damnation. All he asks is for your utter subjugation to him and your utmost devotion to the assassination of God.

Crashers cannot ignore the Abraxians easily. They are self-righteous, inexplicably-motivated and dangerous. Shitheel Christ is seen by most crashers as a simple obstacle to be avoided, but friendly relations with him can and have proven useful to past crashers.

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