Each Hellcrasher stands a little closer to their darkest moment once they’ve gone Down Below. One’s Sin is the principal failure in that character’s morality. This is the place where the character is most likely to be tempted to harm others. For those that would rather just roll randomly, Roll two identifiably different D6s, declaring one to be the 1st die before rolling.

Adoration. The need to be loved and worshiped at all costs.  Lying to scuttle an ex-lover’s current relationship is a sin of adoration.

Apathy. The lack of value in fellow human beings.  Ignoring your co-worker’s deepening depression and “cries for help” because you just don’t care is a sin of apathy.

Cowardice. Fearful inaction against evil.  Pretending not to notice the suspicious bruises on the thighs of the 8-year old next door because of the possible embarrassment if you are wrong is a sin of cowardice. 

Hatred. The impulse to repel or harm other people. Intimidating your new neighbors because they are Asian is a crime of hatred. 

Indulgence   A destructive pursuit of pleasure. Buying your weekly allotment of weed instead of buying your child some badly-needed school clothes would be a sin of indulgence.

Possession The drive to own without fair compensation.  Stealing a cool new jacket is a sin of possession.

Power Evil dominance, and a desire to be feared.  Bullying the unathletic kid in you high school is a sin of power.

Submission The compulsion to subvert one’s own will to that of an evil authority, be it a person or group. The desire to be controlled can overwhelm fundamental aspects of morality. Threatening to kill someone because they criticize your religion is a sin of submission.

1st Die 2nd Die
1 Inaction (1-3) Apathy (4-6) Cowardice
2 Control (1-2) Possession (3-4) Power (5-6) Submission
3 Passion (1-2) Adoration (3-4) Hatred (5-6) Indulgence
4 Domination (1-3) Possession (4-6) Power (5-6) Indulgence
5 Jaded (1-2) Adoration (3-4) Apathy (5-6) Indulgence
6 Rabble (1-2) Cowardice (3-4) Hatred (5-6) Submission

Ignatius is probably a bit susceptible to both Cowardice and Possession to some degree, but his desperate need to belong could most easily lead him to evil acts. Ignatius has the Sin: Submission.

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