STEP FIVE: Specialties
Each quality has three to six possible specialties that can be chosen to represent a narrow application of that quality. When an action in Hellcrashers uses a specialty it will be written in a formula of “Quality (Specialty)” such as: Reflex (Drive). A starting character has 5 specialties.

Specialties can be purchased to represent a character’s focus within a quality. When rolling a quality within the focus of a specialty a character possesses, the quality is treated as if it were one higher rating.

A description of each quality and specialty is here.

Ignatius takes Reflex at 4 and specializes in Drive. When making a Drive roll, he will roll 5 dice.

Specialties can be taken even within a poor quality. This may be done to represent a part of said quality in which the character is “typical” instead of “poor”. Inept qualities can also have specialties, in which case, relevant rolls are treated as “poor” (1 die).

While Ingnatius is not persuasive, he is reasonably able to bargain with the various fences he routinely patronizes.

Ignatius takes the Bargain specialty from Persuade and will roll 2 dice when bargaining. He chooses his specialties as Sprint, Toughness, Bargain, Drive and Mechanics. From the qualities Athletics, Brawn, Persuade, Reflex and Technology respectively.

Quality Specialties
Aim Aimed, Called Shots, Throw
Athletics Balance, Climb, Endurance, Leap, Sprint, Swim
Brawn Brawl, Melee, Strongman, Tough
Education Arts, Bureaucracy, First Aid, History, Research, Sciences
Perception Details, Empathy, Notice, Search
Persuade Charm, Deceive, Diplomacy, Interrogate
Presence Intimidation, Provoke, Seduction, Style
Reflex Dodge, Drive, Fast
Resolve Focus, Pain Tolerance, Stress Management
Streetwise Contacts, Gossip, Intrusion, Scrounge, Stealth
Survival Hunting, Natural History, Navigation, Stealth, Tracking
Technology Computer, Jury-Rig, Mechanics, Sabotage

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