Stinko Yusarian

Stinko Yusarian used to lure young women in economically depressed areas of the world into a life of sexual slavery. Before that he ran a tidy little bookie joint. Before that, he slit throats for bad men. Now Stinko is in business for himself. He buys and sells Infernal mechanisms, secrets and people.

He hires teams to search for very specific items: A bell jar containing butterfly skeletons from Dust, a doorknob from the mansion of the Sultan of Whispers, an adolescent girl with a reptile's tail from Lash. Stinko hires out more crashers than any other Cheney.

Stinko is first and foremost a businessman. He will sell a rescued damned with horrible transformations to a very particular pervert. He will sell a device that screams the names of everyone you've ever wanted to kill. Everything that comes into Stinko's presence has a value only in its cost and resale. He holds no morals above business and money. To this extent, Stinko can be trusted to act always in his best financial interests.

Yusarian and Legend Kligrapp have always been at odds for years. Years ago, Stinko killed a girl he was pimping for the usual reasons. When Stinko started horning in on Legend's monopoly, Legend dug her up during a crash. He planned to use against her against Yusarian, but fell in love with her instead. The Kligrapp's have been married nearly 6 years now, much to Yusarian's unease.

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