Stinktoe is a cautionary tale. He was a respected crasher a year ago. He was 24 then. Now he is homeless, his mind and body wrecked. He is the hole in the throat to crashing's cigarettes: If you live, this is how you'll end up.

Stinktoe is an brain-addled hobo with one useful ability. He can "smell the brimstone on yer feets!" Stinktoe can consistently identify a crasher or undamned so long as they wear no shoes. Time and again this has been used to prove someone's identity. He can even tell how long someone has been topside with remarkable accuracy. No one has yet gotten the story of how he developed this ability or what aged him so drastically, but he was know to crash Burlap, a rarely explored domain.

He does not like anyone with the stink on their toes, but will change his mind if given booze, money or food.

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