Stubbs Wilson

In the late 80s, Andrew Wilson lost an arm at the elbow to a whisper hound in the Silent City. His teammate, a kid named Lister Frombat, lost his tongue in the same fight. Despite this, Wilson went Down Under again and again. In the early 90s, he was captured by a watchmaker in Tick-Tock that replaced both his legs with horrible clattering devices. Once he got Topside, he had to have both devices removed by Giddings Eshlemann and retired from crashing for good.

Today, Stubbs acts as broker between crashers and Cheneys. Stubbs still has a heart and has a solid reputation for turning down jobs that are suicidal. Stubbs is also known as a bit of a cheapskate. He cares about his crashers, but he doesn’t do anything for free.

Stubbs still desperately longs to crash again. He hopes to earn enough money to buy special prototype prosthetics that are designed specifically to the needs of crashing.

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